More than just a soda company, Smart Soda is a global provider of premier water technologies for commercial as well as private use. For over 20 years, Smart Soda has offered a healthy soda alternative with all-natural ingredients that has truly set us apart from the competition because our products both taste better and are better for you than regular name-brand sodas and soft-drinks. We have a nationwide platform complete with financing programs and have strategic partnerships that guarantee our customers a one-stop station for all of their beverage needs. Smart Soda is helping to revolutionize the beverage industry by empowering our customers by enabling partnerships with products that offer a healthier option, while also tasting great, and is environmentally friendly. Keep scrolling to see why Smart Soda is perfect alternative to sugary sodas.

Smart Soda has many high-end beverage products. We have several different soda machines that can dispense different kinds of healthy sodas. Perfect for both commercial and at-home use, Smart Soda has a soda machine that’s perfect for any environment. Choose options like carbonated water or alkaline water as well as a multitude of different organic soda flavors like cola and root beer. All of our high quality products are made in Italy and meet even the strictest international regulations for hygiene and safety. Shop our soda dispensing products and see what sets Smart Soda apart from every other soda company.

Smart Soda has become synonymous with purity, class, ease, and eco-friendly products. Our commercial sparkling and alkaline water dispensing are perfect for restaurants, hotels, businesses, and much more. All of our products are healthy and environmentally friendly, making us the best alternative to sugary soft drinks. Our eco-friendly soda machines are designed to offer better beverages than traditional soft drink machines. Whether you’re a five-star restaurant serving high-end food or a pizza parlor on the corner of a busy city street, Smart Soda’s commercial soda machines will help give your establishment a refreshing twist on a favorite beverage.

Smart Soda’s promise to all of our valued customers is to produce and supply the best water filtration and bottling technologies. We continue to research and implement the newest, safest, and cleanest practices to make our products even better for you. Our superior, all-inclusive warranty ensures that your machines will last for years on end. Smart Soda is a leading provider in the hospitality industry, and having years of experience, we’ll continue to offer some of the best machines and beverages in the world.

Smart Soda is committed to providing a premier consumer experience from the second you sign on as our partner. We’ll maintain the practices that make us the best beverage company in the world through the entirety of our relationship. We’re partnered with Ken’s Beverage Inc., the best provider of beverage equipment services, to offer our customers unrivaled maintenance on a national level. Shop our collection of soda machines, water, and soda flavors to find the best one for your company or home.

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