Smart Soda Launches a Revolutionary B2B Program. “Introducing JuLi Touch” The Ultimate Total Beverage Solution For Offices.

JuLi Touch is a state-of-the-art beverage platform that includes a large, dynamic touch screen for maximum user experience. The system provides unlimited alkaline, sparkling mineral water, and up to 10 types of vitamin-infused flavored sparkling waters and sodas.

All our beverages are natural, sugar-free (or) made with organic cane sugar, vegan, kosher, antioxidant-rich, gluten-free, and can also be CBD infused.


  • Smart Soda Connect
  • Carbonated or non-carbonated beverages
  • Dispense up to 10 products
  • Large 10.4” interactive touchscreen
  • Small footprint

Technical Spec

Description  Engaging, flexible dispensing that can be personalized to enhance your beverage offerings. A Touchscreen Tower with a design that attracts, a user-interface that enchants, and the proven dispensing technology that gives you confidence and offers the users a unique and personal experience. In less than ten inches you can provide up to 10 carbonated or non-carbonated beverages.

Nano-Positronic Technology. The system features a hybrid 4 Stage, Anti Scale, Sediment, UF NP Membrane, Post Carbon, and  Commercial Alkaline filter.

Power Voltage 2 Amp, 24V,
Frequency 50/60hz
Cooling capacity 120 Liters per hour

Height: 26.75” (679.45 mm)

Width: 9.4” (238.76 mm)

Depth including drip tray: 18.7” (474.98 mm)

Weight (Empty) 35lbs (15.88 kg)