Commercial Soda Machines for Restaurants

Here at Smart Soda, we know that not every restaurant is the same. That’s why we offer customizable water filtration systems for restaurants that can fit in the space you already have. You can choose which kinds of natural alkaline water, natural sparkling water, and natural soda options you use as well as your preferred commercial water filter style. Keep reading to learn more about some of the restaurant water filter systems we can offer you, or get a free quote for your commercial water filter services today.

Model: UM Water Dispenser

Perfect for restaurants with up to 200 – 250 seats, the Model: UM water dispenser from Smart Soda gives you up to three options per unit, giving you lots of alkaline water, sparkling water, and natural soda variations for your customers.

Model: JuLi S6/S8 Water Dispenser

A twist on the classic self-serve commercial soda dispenser, the Model: JuLi S6 and S8 are perfect for larger restaurants that have up to 1,000 seats. Choose up to eight different natural soda, sparkling water, and alkaline water options for your employees and customers.

Model: Italian Hipster

One of our most popular commercial water systems, the Model: Italian Hipster combines convenience and style all in one restaurant soda machine. With copper features and up to four different beverage options, you’ll help your restaurant stand out with great aesthetics and natural soda flavors with this water filtration system from Smart Soda.

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