Lior Shafir – Co-Founder & CEO – Board Member

Mr. Lior Shafir is a highly ranked executive in the water and beverage industry and has demonstrated growth and leadership skills throughout his 20-year career in the field, both in the local and global markets.

Julia Solooki, MBA  – Co-Founder & Chairman

Ms. Solooki is running and developing retail and online sales operations as well as strategically developing channel partner relations while brainstorming new ideas, sales technics and vision for the company.

Solomon (Sol) Mayer – Investor & Board Member

Mr. Mayer has been Interim CEO of Ironwood Gold Corp and CEO and President of Mooney Aviation Company. Sol has held various executive-level positions and has successfully overseen several businesses from conception through profitability.

Alex Garson – Senior Sales Manager

Alex is an experienced sales professional with a successful track record of sales within the vending and foodservice industries. He is focused on direct and indirect sales efforts, strategic partnerships, and cultivating relationships.

Thomas Gardner – Senior Sales Manager

Tom brings 30+ years of experience developing successful Sales, Marketing and Business strategies, most notably with Sherwin Williams Company. Tom brings a diverse set of skills to deliver results and build strong relationships with customers.

Helen  Ruthman-Schoeller – Creative Manager

Mrs. Rothman-Schoeller has been designing across a broad range of settings for a wide variety of clients for over twenty years. She’s worked as both a staff and freelance designer and art director at agencies large and small.