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Join thousands of active accounts nationally and start offering your employees and clients, natural, purified, healthy unlimited Alkaline, Sparkling water and all natural Fountain Soda.


Join the eco-friendly, green movement of fellow restaurateurs’, and turn your loss of serving tap water, into profit by offering our Alkaline, Sparkling commercial water purification systems and all natural Fountain Soda.

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Smart Soda Simply Smart
Enjoy advanced technology , space savings, and single/multi tap systems for alkaline, sparkling water and all natural soda fountains. Simply attached to your local water source, you will have all the eco-friendly bottled water and sparkling inventory you’ll ever need. Prepare and deliver deliciously refreshing, chilled alkaline and sparkling water in elegantly – designed and reusable eco friendly bottles directly to the table.

Eco Smart Soda
Using an “active green, eco-friendly” product, means that you can vigorously reduce your carbon foot print every time you choose to serve our natural water purification system as a smarter alternative to bottled water products. Think about it, by tapping directly into your local water source, thousands of water bottles no longer need to be ordered, or manufactured to properly stock your bustling establishment. More over you are no longer transporting truckloads of bottles and shipping it. Hence, disbanding the need for packaging, future processing and recycling.

Practically Smart Soda
Turn your losses of serving tap water into pure profit by selling natural, purified, sparkling, alkaline water and all natural fountain soda. Increase your brand awareness, by offering custom made bottles and improve food and beverage presentation. Stay atop cutting edge technology and competition.

  • No more storage challenges
  • No refrigeration issues
  • No hassles with empties in the trash or recycling bin
  • No unnecessary disposal , waste and pollution

One big YES – Eliminate traditional bottled water products from your inventory, and revolve losses into larger profit margins.

Taste the difference from the first sip, so natural, so purified.
Ever wondered how long a bottle has been sitting on a shelf for?
What sort of climate and handling it has been exposed to over time affecting its freshness?
Our eco-friendly, natural system products offer a point of use system enabling you to serve fresh, crisp, cold still alkaline and sparking water on demand, as needed. With the growing preference for locally purchased ingredients, serving you patrons canned and processed food wouldn’t be an option – so why settle for pre -bottled water ?

Smart Soda Power

Ahhhhhhhhh the Power of natural, purified, eco-friendly water. Smart Soda is a healthy natural system choice for Eco-Friendly livelihood.

Smart Soda’s natural commercial water purification system implementation into your establishment allows you to offer great tasting alkaline, sparkling water, and fountain soda, be environmentally conscientious, and increase your profits significantly.

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